In point of fact, there is now no probability that the whole record of the revolution will ever be played. In America, we have heard but one version of the tale.
— Winthrop Sargent (1857)

Created in December 2018, Størmerlige Films tries to bring a different perspective to the art of historical filmmaking, approaching our subjects first as historians searching for multicultural stories of the past that inform modern audiences on contemporary issues. We then seek to directly engage those audiences using many social and personal platforms to develop our projects as a community of diverse storytellers, even through the “final” production. Our films go as our interactive process goes, as sparks to discussions that continue, as presenters of informed questions, but as the final word on no topic or tale.


We, therefore, create films that explore the historical subjects behind social divisions, political conflicts, and cultural hot topics, revealing the sources of tenuous yet prominent differences that have, and the reality of the more powerful commonalities that could, shape the experience of peoples. We are particularly interested in breaking down national barriers that artificially divide cultures based on lines drawn on a map. So, by telling relevant stories with authentic perspectives, we hope that our films offer unique and modern windows into stories that engage, entertain, and even provoke.


Our Team

Tad Størmer.

Tad Størmer.


Executive Producer, Director, Writer

Starting out as a Disney performing arts cast member and an actor on “Beverly Hills 90210” in the early ‘90s, Taylor “Tad” Størmer turned to filmmaking with a historian’s perspective after earning a Ph.D. in History from the University of Virginia. He first appeared on historical documentaries for C-SPAN, the BBC, and the History Channel, and then joined in the development and production of educational films about America’s founding era during his time as Colonial Williamsburg’s historian, winning an Emmy Award in 2013. He took that experience back to Disney as an adviser and to Harvard University as an Instructor of Public History. An alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Virginia, and Harvard, today he heads Størmerlige Films and is a Lecturer at Johns Hopkins.

Nikki Gregoroff.

Nikki Gregoroff.


Executive Producer for Music/Music Director

Jennipher Tucy.

Jennipher Tucy.


Senior Producer

Growing up in New England, Jennipher Tucy fell in love with the stories of the past.  It built the foundation of her path to history, public history, and museums, as well as fueled her desire to share these stories with others.  With this passion, she received her degrees of a M.A. in Museum Studies from the Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in History from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  Today, she now is able to bring history to the public as a producer for Størmerlige Films.  


Erin McClure Schmitz


It was not until Erin was an adult that she learned her true love for public history. With her B.S. in Education and a minor in social studies, she planned to work as an educator and worked as a program coordinator in a federally funded grant after school program. That eventually lead her to a programming position at her local county museum. In a short time she was promoted to manager of the museum’s historic sites overseeing interpretation, programming, and the curatorial efforts. She recently graduated with her M.A. in Museum Studies from the Johns Hopkins University. In a classroom, a museum setting, or through film, engaging audiences in history is a passion Erin cares about deeply.