Shooting On-Location in Boston, July 29-31!

The Størmerlige Films crew will be in the Boston area at the end of July to conduct interviews and capture footage of important places in the loyalist experience of the American Revolution. The Jones family that built a New Brunswick brewery empire? They were loyalists who started in Weston. The Bliss family that came to dominate New Brunswick politics? They were loyalists who started in Concord. We’re also going to film the famous “Bunker Hill Swords” at the Massachusetts Historical Society, which belonged to members of the same Boston family who fought on opposite sides of the Revolutionary War (and made legendary by William Makepeace Thackeray in THE VIRGINIANS). We’ll also explore the loyalist roots of both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, amongst other fascinating places and people who shed light on our story.

But, just as important, we’ll be able to meet our fans and guests informally at Meet and Greets in Boston, Concord, and Cambridge. Want to share your thoughts of the loyalists and be part of the film? We can do that, too. Keep track of our plans on social media through Instagram (@stormerligefims) and Twitter (@stormerligefilm)!

Størmerlige Films